Which inline skates are right for my child?

How do I properly protect my child when skating?

How do I find the right spare parts and how do I maintain skates correctly?


There are many questions when it comes to the purchase of new skates.

We want to give you an overview and the answer to the important questions about inline skates for children.​



What are the decisive differences and how do I choose the right skate?

CHILDREN Protection

How to find the right protector set for your child

Video Tutorials from Powerslide

On the Youtube channel of the company Powerslide you can find some very good tutorials about kids inline skating. In the following overview we have compiled all tutorials for you.

K2 Raider And MArlee Pro

One of the most popular kids inline skates comes from the company K2. It is available in two different designs. The model for the boys is called “Raider” and the variant for the girls is called “Marlee”. Particularly interesting is the Pro quick fastener, which can be operated by the children alone.

Rollerblade Microblade 2019 Girls and Boys

With the development of the Microblade, Rollerbalde transfers the concept of its adult Macroblade Line to children’s skates. Equipment, comfort and size adjustability already make the inline skate a real classic among the skates for kids.

OUr Feedback

Thank you very much for the great information. We found the right skates for my daughter.

Katrin S.

We learned about the structure of a skate through KINDERSKATE.DE and were able to order the right spare part for my son's inline skates.

Andreas K.

How is an inline skate Built up?

So that the kids are safe on the way and have real fun skating, an inline skate also needs some care. Click here for material information.

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