Video Tutorials from Powerslide

Video Tutorials from Powerslide

K2 Raider and Marlee PRO

ROLLERBLADE Microblade 2019

Marvel Iron Man Wave - Youth Skates

The Iron Man films about Tony Stark and the Avengers are now world famous. Powerslide has brought the Marvel Iron Man Wave children’s skate onto the market so that young fans can also feel the feeling of speed.

The colours were inspired by Iron Man’s suit and the red golden design was adopted. The three ratchet buckles, at the forefoot, the instep and the cuff, provide a neat hold in the skate. Thanks to the simple fastening system it is also possible for children to put on the skates independently.

Three large wheels provide the necessary driving fun. The size of the rollers depends on the shoe size or shoe sizes, because the size of the Wave can be adjusted. In the EU size 31-34 there are 80mm wheels, in the EU size 35-38 84mm wheels and in the EU size 39-41 there are 90mm wheels. Due to the three-roller setup, the skate is fast and manoeuvrable, even jumps are effortless. To enhance the Iron Man effect the middle roller is a light roller. This imitates the thrusters in Iron Man’s suit. This is a light roller. The Klu is the magnet spacer, which makes the roller glow by moving the roller while driving. This makes batteries or rechargeable batteries superfluous.

So that the skate can grow with the little heroes, it is size-adjustable as just mentioned. The adjustment of the size is very easy. It is done without tools via a push-button, which sits on the side of the Wave. Thanks to the stretchable toe cap, the Wave is always comfortable to wear.

Let us now come to the last and perhaps most important aspect of the skate – the brake – Powerslide uses the HABS brake (Hide Adjustable Brake System). This can be adjusted in height and can therefore be adapted to the needs of the rider. With this system the brake decelerates safely and quickly. If necessary, the brake pad can be changed.

For us the Marvel Iron Man Wave kids skate is the perfect skate for little Iron Man fans alone. The skate is fast and safe to ride and thanks to the illuminated roller it can still be seen in the dark.  To make the Iron Man look perfect, there are also matching pads and a helmet.

Video Tutorial - Inlineskating for kids

On the Youtube channel of the company Powerslide there are some very good video tutorials about inline skating for kids. There you will find the following topics:

Inline skating for kids – 10 steps for more fun

How to learn INLINESKATEN on 3-roll skates for KIDS

How to BRAKE on 3 Wheel Skates for KIDS

How to BALANCE on 3 Wheel Skates for KIDS

Following all videos to watch.

K2 Marlee Pro & K2 Raider Pro

The inline skates for children from the company K2 offer a very good price-performance ratio and are also equipped with some features that other manufacturers do not offer.

The most important feature is the quick-release fastener, which can be operated and closed by the children alone.

All details can be found here.

ROLLERBLADE Microblade 2019

The Rollerblade Microblade promises a lot of fun and a steep learning curve.

Derived from the Macroblade series, many of the meaningful features of adult skates are already incorporated into the children’s inline skates. Soft castors with a good grip help to keep the skates on track. The inner shoe offers a lot of comfort and the low rollers ensure a stable stand. The size adjustment of the skate ensures long pleasure with the Rollerblade Microblade, it is even up to size 40.5 adjustable.