The most important protection when skating.
A suitable helmet with CE certification

With all the fun you can have with skating, safety should always come first. It is important to wear suitable and CE approved protectors when skating. Children usually don’t have the right feeling for whether a helmet or protector fits properly. It is therefore particularly important for parents to take a close look.

We explain how helmets and protectors must fit properly.

The most important thing, the right helmet!

Which is the right helmet for children for inline skating? Quite simply, the helmet that fits best!

Because a suitable helmet does not only provide a pleasant wearing comfort, the fit must also be right for safety reasons.
In order to find the right helmet, the first step is to measure the circumference of the head. The best way to do this is to take a measuring tape and measure just above the ears while remaining in the middle of the forehead. Although helmet sizes are also indicated in the gradations XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL, the centimeter measurement is always decisive.

The following points must be taken into account when fitting:

1 The front edge of the helmet must end with the eyebrows.

2. the helmet must not sit crooked or too low on the neck.

3. the straps must be tight, but not constricted at the same time.

Protection sets for children

Just as with the inline skate helmet, the fit is also an important criterion for the protector sets.

The protectors must sit and hold where they are supposed to protect. Therefore the protectors must not sit too loosely, but at the same time must not be constricted, as otherwise the freedom of movement is restricted. A movement test is therefore absolutely sensible when trying on the protectors.

In addition, the tension of the straps/stockings should be checked during the trial fitting of the child protector. Any Velcro fasteners should overlap as closely as possible and should not be too tight or too loose.

Hard shell or high-tech gel?

The protective effect of hard shells is proven and very good. Due to their construction, however, they have a strong impact and restrict freedom of movement.

In recent years, progress in materials research has led to the development of protectors that offer protection like a hard shell and at the same time fit like a stocking without hindering freedom of movement. The protection is provided by a special gel insert that hardens on impact and otherwise clings to the body.

In comparison to the classic hard shell protectors these are a little more expensive and have to be pulled over the knees and elbows like a stocking before skating.

Protective trousers for children

Especially at the beginning of the inline skate “career” it might make sense to wear protective trousers when skating. In order to minimize the bruises and to protect the buttocks there are special protective trousers for children.